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About Somaya Solar Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We are a leading Solar EPC company with in-house Solar Structure Fabrication facility which enables us to offer best customized Solar EPC and BOS services. We are a team of extremely motivated, enthusiastic, and highly committed professionals which ensure stupendous services to our stakeholders and channel partners. Company is known for its excellent workmanship and after sale support. We Plan, Build and Operate on residential and commercial solar energy needs to ensure Green Energy is promoted across residential and commercial clients and Solar Energy is used as a primary source of energy.

We have experts working in solar industry since 2015 at every level of management and employment hierarchy. We are a team of industry experts having experience over 15 Years in different MNCs working on challenging technical and management roles. We have right mix of Engineers, ITI/Diploma and semi-technical people in Operations to ensure excellent workmanship.

With our best team and customer centric approach, in a very short span of time, company has achieved milestones in EPC, I&C and BOS services. We are specialized in design, fabrication & installation of KW to MW solar projects.

Residential Solar Power Plants with Net metering facility

Institutional, Commercial and Industrial Solar Power Plants

Customized Solar Structure Designing & Fabrication

Power Quality & Control

Somaya Solar Solutions is one of the best authorized solar installers and solar suppliers in Ghaziabad. Ghaziabad is one of the largest districts / cities in Uttar Pradesh, the state of India, and a part of the National Capital Region of Delhi. Solar renewable energy is one of the best alternative resources for everyone because it can meet the majority of the world's energy needs. The ability of the sun to produce electricity is the solar electric system. We offer solar systems and related services for all types of residential, institutional, business-commercial, and industrial solar solutions at very affordable prices, and we deliver excellence at every stage from engineering, supply, installation, and maintenance of solar systems and other solar-related products in accordance with International standards. Somaya Solar contributes green energy to our society. Through our services, we continuously improve our efforts to create a greener world.

We are the top EPC and BOS solar suppliers and installers of all varieties of on-grid, off-grid, hybrid, solar street lighting, and solar water heaters. We supply reputable solar suppliers and installers in Ghaziabad who deliver excellent solar panels within their clients' budgets. We offer high-quality, budget-friendly solar panel solutions that help finances and well-being.

Benefits Of Installing Solar Panels

The most popular equipment in the energy field nowadays is the solar panel because it produces electricity for no cost, Fuel or gas is not necessary for the production of electricity or power. A 25-year performance warranty is offered on solar panels. Solar panels have a variety of advantages.

1: - The purest form of energy

2: - Free Renewable energy

3: - Contributes to improved health conditions

4: - Long-lasting and affordable energy

5: - Saving on electricity bills

6: - Quick ROAS less than 5 years

7: - Solar panel has life of 25 years

8: - Zero carbon and non-polluting equipment

9: - Low maintenance and cost Effective

Somaya Solar Solutions has become known as one of the top solar panel installers, suppliers and Solar Companies in Ghaziabad with more than 15 years of combined experience. We offer high-quality, cutting-edge services and equipment at competitive prices, and we also offer solar subsidies in Ghaziabad for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.

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Our Services

Solar Plans & Services


Solar Projects EPC

1: Domestic upto 10KW (with Net Metering facility)

2: Institutional, Commercial & Industrial_any capacity (with Net Metering/Zero Export facility)



Solar Projects I&C

1: Institutional, Industrial & Commercial plants (KW to MW capacity).

2: Residential plants (only for associated SSPs)



Solar Projects BOS

1: For all our Solar Solution Partners for all kind of solar power plants.

2: Also offer BOS for Solar Water Pumps.


Customized Solar Structure

1: For RCC roof, slanted tin shed & Ground Mounted Solar System(HDG)

2: ZERO Fitment issues at site and timely delivery gauranteed.