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We are a leading Solar EPC company with in-house Solar Structure Fabrication facility which enables us to offer best customized Solar EPC and BOS services. We are a team of extremely motivated, enthusiastic, and highly committed professionals which ensure stupendous services to our stakeholders and channel partners. Company is known for its excellent workmanship and after sale support. We Plan, Build and Operate on residential and commercial solar energy needs to ensure Green Energy is promoted across residential and commercial clients and Solar Energy is used as a primary source of energy.

We have experts working in solar industry since 2015 at every level of management and employment hierarchy. We are a team of industry experts having experience over 15 Years in different MNCs working on challenging technical and management roles. We have right mix of Engineers, ITI/Diploma and semi-technical people in Operations to ensure excellent workmanship.

With our best team and customer centric approach, in a very short span of time, company has achieved milestones in EPC, I&C and BOS services. We are specialized in design, fabrication & installation of KW to MW solar projects.

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Both, for domestic and commercial projets, first thing is to take a look on Electricity Bill and check on units consumed monthly. One KW (1KW) solar Power Plant typically gives 100units to 140 Units per month..You can calculate what capacity you need.

Note: For all netmetring connections, capacity of solar power plant should not exceed the Contract/Sanctioned Load.



Typically speaking, we need 100Sq Feet shadowfree space for 1KW system. Today wehn we are using monocrystalline modules ( capacity over 400Wp per module), the required space will be even less than 100Sq.Feet per KW capacity required.



On-Grid Solar Power Plant is the latest technology in solar segment whcih has best benifits for the end user. It is the technology which works along with the grid supply that enables end user to run any kind of load or any capacity to this system.

In simple terms, the energy produced from solar is first used at load of consumer and if the production is access than the load required, it gives the generated excess energy tp grid and in Net MEter same is noted as Export Units(E)...and if the generation is below the requirement, it keeps on taking the diffrence energy from Grid at real time, those units are noted at Net MEter as Import Units(I).

The benifit is, the consumer gets the monthly electrity bill as Net (N)=Total Import Units(I)- Total Exports Units(E)

So the reduction in bill is possible from 0% to 90% depending upon the capacity chosen and type and time of use.

We all are aware about the fact that carbon emission is one of the major problems across the globe. The most of it is added by the fuel consumption for generation of energy, and hence, this becomes the moral responsibility of each one of us to go green, go solar.

This is indeed one of the most beautiful gifts we can give to our next generations.!!